NAKED LOVERS...YOU know how EXPENSIVE these can be.


👁There’s only one Naked. And once you go Naked, you’ll never go back. Introducing Naked Ultimate Basics "MATTE"...yes..."MATTE" Eyeshadow Palette—the matte eyeshadow palette you’ve been begging for. This set is loaded with 12 ALL-NEW, must-have neutrals.

👁12 Shades that are neutral enough for everything from cool skin tones to olive complexions to darker skin. If you’ve never tried these matte shadows, you’ll be blown away by how different they are. Variety of lights to darks. Achieve the perfect application every time for a matte look that radiates. Use DAY and NIGHT!

👁Includes 12 shades - Size: 1.2g each .

👁Eyeshadow shades included: - Blow (light nude demi-matte) - Nudie (soft pink-nude matte) - Commando (light taupe-brown matte) - Tempted (pale brown matte) - Instinct (medium pink-taupe matte) - Lethal (reddish brown matte) - Pre-Game (pale yellow matte) - Extra Bitter (burnt orange matte) - Faith (medium warm brown matte) - Lockout (rich neutral brown matte) - Magnet (smoky gray matte) - Blackjack (warm black matte).

👁Brush: 4" Aluminum, synthetic hair.

🛑NOTE: This is one of those items that you just can't get enough of. Great for yourself...and PERFECT for GIFTS. What GREAT, CLASSY, AFFORDABLE GIFTS!!

Most "fashionistas" like to add to their collection of Naked purchasing additional palettes over time....or simply run out of their favorite & need to "re-stock".




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